India's First FREE Valuation Tool

India's First FREE Valuation Tool

With an intention to empower the business owner with the real-time valuation solution if they don’t solicit professional help, we are offering a free to use a data-driven analytical valuation tool capable enough for efficient business valuation taking into account the company’s age and industry.

Along with being a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, the tool is designed for providing a hustle-free valuation.


  • Free service tool for the business owner.
  • Quick and simplified process to get a valuation indication.
  • Evaluating businesses of all sizes and models.
  • Instant results on screen for your reference.

How does it work?

A two-step process :

Fill In the Questionnaire

Firstly, you will be needed to fill up the company's parameter like the name, industry, etc you can anonymously fill the questionnaire and it doesn't require any financial know about.

The Valuation

After the submission of questionnaire, the indicative valuation is processed based on the data provided and the indicative valuation is generated in the simplest possible format.

Get In Touch with the Professionals

For getting more insight report and analyses, you can connect with us we will be glad to help you. Your data privacy is our top priority and won't be shared without your consent.

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