FinVal Research & Consultancy Finance, Valuation and Fund Raising

Financial and Investment Research
Our Financial and Investment Research vertical caters to all kinds of research requests and provides in depth analysis of the company or industry it researches. Depending on your requirements you can choose from a wide range of services. Our research capabilities range from an equity research on listed entities to valuation and Investment analysis of private firms.
Equity Research

Company coverage

Creation and maintenance of financial models

Industry analysis

Earnings analysis and coverage

Event driven reports

Stock valuation – DCF, relative

Sensitivity / Scenario Analysis

Trading comparables

Credit Research

Creating and updating credit models

Creating and Updating annual reviews and credit write ups

Covenant tracking

Regulatory Reporting

Investment Banking Research

Target screening

Company Profiling (one pager, 3-4 pager to deep dive)

Industry Research and Market analysis

Competitor Benchmarking

Due Diligence

Financial Modeling and Valuation support

Precedent M&A Transaction analysis

Capital Structure Analysis

Preparation of Information Memorandum & Pitch Books

 Valuation & Investment Reports

Investment Report

Investment Analysis

Financial Model

Relative Valuation/ DCF modeling

Valuation Report

Business Plan

Business and Strategy Analysis