ESOP advisory Services

With the intent to appoint and retain the human assets of the Company and to reward the high potential employees of the Company including new recruits, the Company proposes to implement and execute Stock Option Plan(s) therein.

Under the prevailing times of Economic Downturn and unprecedented market turbulence, as businesses are struggling to manage their cash flows to meet their financial obligation, employee compensation has been compromised leading to low employee morale. The unique attributes of ESOPs prove to be a highly effective and attractive tool for employee compensation to not just cope up financial distress but as a continuing incentive policy.

Stock Option Plans/Equity Incentive Plans (commonly referred to as ESOPs) are one of the most important tools to attract, encourage and retain Employees. Nowadays, these plans are being increasingly used as a compensation tool by the organizations with the basic premise of creating wealth for the Employees, on one hand and motivating Employees to have long-term career aspirations in the Organization, on the other.

Extending benefits through Stocks is like creating a win-win situation for both Employer & Employee.

Here is our broad scope of services that we offer under ESOP Advisory

Planning / Designing / Documentation

  • Understanding the Management’s objective and perspective for the proposed ESOP
  • Analysis and Planning for the ESOP Scheme
  • Formation and Drafting of ESOP Scheme
  • Assisting the Company with the selection of ESOP route.
  • Provide the formats of Correspondence required for all communications to be exchanged between the management and the Employees with regard the ESOP Scheme.
  • Providing the Notices and resolutions required for taking Board and Members approval.


  • Preparation of Grant Letters and ESOP Agreements to be executed between the employees and the company and acceptance of grant of options by employees
  • Completion of various statutory filings and compliance
  • Assistance at the time of exercise of options

Valuation Services and Accounting Advisory

  • Accounting Valuation
  • Perquisite Valuation
  • Structured Advisory Note on Accounting Recommended Accounting Treatments